Pastor John Wagner Explains Vision Casting

Vision casting refers to vocalizing your vision to influencers and followers who can facilitate the completion of shared goals. Pastor John Wagner of Turning Point Community Church explains how to get the best results from vision casting.

— Vision casting is a challenging process. Sharing your organization’s vision with staff and volunteer leaders essentially passes responsibility to them. As such, they are asked to nurture strategy and actionable plans.

— Be strategic. The story you tell your others has weight. Use your words wisely. What you choose to share–along with how you choose to ask for collaboration–affects how leaders and influencers step up to the task.

— Build in moments of inspiration. Even if people support your vision, they may be reluctant to help enact it because of time constraints or resource concerns. Your words must inspire them to act. Communicate a sense of urgency, and demonstrate how much you rely on their gifts, abilities, talent, and passion.

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