Turning Point’s The Point Ministry Helps Students Follow God

Pastor John Wagner has been working as a full-time vocational minister for more than two decades. First starting as a youth pastor, he now serves as the lead pastor at Turning Point Community Church in Texas. Under John Wagner’s guidance, the church maintains a wide variety of groups and ministries focused on specific members of the church, from children and students to adult women.

While much of society may look at students as a part of the future, Turning Point Community Church sees them as both the church of today and the church of the future. Based on this view, the church offers The Point, a ministry that is focused specifically on showing students the truth about God. Students taking part in The Point are challenged to follow the destiny that God has given them and stay committed to their walk with the Lord. They learn about how to best take care of and love the life they have been given in a way that allows them to serve the worldwide community.

The Point is focused on students between sixth and 12th grade. It currently offers a midweek service and a Sunday service that differ slightly from one another. The midweek service, held on Wednesday nights, gives students the opportunity to connect with one another and work in small groups to discuss the message given during that meeting. Meanwhile, the Sunday service is held at two times during the morning. Students attend the adult service at the church before going back to The Point for Bible Study and discussions about the scripture.