Pastor John Wagner Supports Simple Acts Ministry

At Turning Point Community Church in Lubbock, Texas, Pastor John Wagner encourages his congregation to minister in the surrounding community. Among suggestions for volunteer opportunities provided on the church’s website, Pastor John Wagner includes a link to Simple Acts Ministry in Lubbock.

Simple Acts takes the Gospel admonition to visit the imprisoned very seriously. The group runs a faith-based dormitory at the Montford Unit of the Lubbock County jail. The unit houses inmates who seek to learn spiritual truths and life skills in a supportive, Christian environment. Organizers hope to reduce recidivism for non-violent offenders by giving them the skills to lead functional, successful Christian lives.

Residents of the unit take classes from programs such as Quest for Authentic Manhood and Seven Areas of Life Training. They learn how to care for their spiritual, physical, and emotional health; how to manage money; and how to be successful husbands and fathers. Volunteers with Simple Acts teach classes and act as mentors to the inmates.

After a prisoner is released, Simple Acts continues its involvement in his life. SAM’s Place offers transitional housing, classes, and fellowship opportunities for men leaving the prison system. Simple Acts welcomes volunteers who wish to help maintain and improve the facilities at SAM’s Place.