The Powerful International Impact of Hillsong Australia

A theology and religion graduate of Honolulu University, Pastor John Wagner currently resides in Texas. A proven leader, communicator, teacher, mentor, author, and administrator, Pastor John Wagner created a unique hybrid model church that was influenced by the Willow Creek model, the Saddleback Church, and Hillsong Australia.

Established in Baulkham Hills, Australia, by the Houston family, Hillsong Church experienced rapid expansion and now has a congregation base that exceeds 30,000 people each weekend. The church offers four Australian church locations in New South Wales and Queensland, extension services, and several international offshoots.

Hillsong rose to fame with Hillsong Music Australia, a Christian music production specializing in worship and praise albums. Musical movements such as “Kids,” “Live,” and “Young & Free” allow Hillsong Church to connect with children, youth, and adults through the power of Christian music. Songs and albums produced by Hillsong have topped Australian music charts and achieved multiple gold and platinum status.

Additional ventures initiated by the church include Hillsong TV, which features broadcasts of biblical teachings by church founder Brian Houston; Hillsong Conference, a series of international events where artists, bible teachers, and educators collaborate; and the Sydney-based Hillsong College.