Effective Vision Casting for Pastors

Pastor John Wagner has taught in congregations around the world, from South Africa and Europe to the Caribbean Islands and the United States. He currently serves at Turning Point Community Church in west Texas. Known for his meaningful sermons, Pastor John Wagner utilizes a variety of speaking techniques, including vision casting, to reach culturally diverse populations.

Oftentimes, church leaders envision a bold new direction in which to lead their congregations but experience difficulty in communicating that vision to others. Vision casting is a technique made up of two parts: a distinct vision and the ability to share that vision so that others can help realize it.

Leaders must understand that, by definition, vision casting involves making an authoritative statement that informs people where they see the congregation is headed and how members can help it get to that place. The vision should concern an ideal future and should instill a drive to reach that future. Obviously, clarity is important when sharing a vision. To achieve clarity, the pastor should write the vision as a comprehensive mission statement, keeping it as short as possible and using accessible language so that plans and goals cannot be misconstrued.

Perhaps most importantly, the vision must be achievable. Striving to attain an unreachable goal only sets one up for failure and disappointment. One of the most effective ways to realize a vision is to plot a series of smaller, achievable goals that lead in steps to the ultimate vision.