An Overview of Turning Point Community Church’s Groups

A master of arts graduate of Honolulu University, Pastor John Wagner earnedhis major in theology and religion. Committed to helping people engage in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, Pastor John Wagner currently leads Turning Point Community Church.

For more than five years, Turning Point Community Church has dedicated itself to community outreach, worship, and faith-building in and around Lubbock, Texas. In addition to its two weekly Sunday services, the church provides several small group and fellowship options for its members and visitors.

Students. Options for students in grades 6 through 12 include The Point. There, youth learn ways to engage in their community and study the scripture. Whether students are new or lifelong church members, Turning Point teaches elements of the Christian faith.

Potpourri, led by Ilena Wagner. A place for women to connect with each other and grow in their faith and understanding, Potpourri is inspired by the book of Ruth. With a number of community groups throughout the year, Turning Point ensures there is a good fit for everyone.

Community Groups. Turning Point offers small groups for adults at different year-round sessions, ranging from bible studies and potluck groups to softball games and relationship groups. Always on the lookout for new groups, the church frequently adds to its roster.

Children. Divided into Starting Point, for infants through kindergarteners, and Kids Point, for children in first through fifth grade, the church helps children grow socially and mentally while learning about Christ’s teachings.

Becoming Christ-like in Character

Pastor John Wagner has ministered around the world for more than 100 congregations in the United States, the Caribbean, South Africa, Italy, and Germany. He has been a pastor for over 25 years.

What was Christ like when he was alive on the earth? What does it mean to have a Christ-like character? The Bible tells the story that after Jesus died and returned to appear to his disciples, he asked Peter if he loved him. Peter answered yes, and Jesus replied, “Feed my lambs.” If we are to have a character like Jesus Christ’s, one expression will be to intentionally nourish God’s children in various ways.

We will also shed our own self-importance to develop a godly perspective. The Apostle Paul said to think on and seek after whatever is honest, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, and worthy of praise. His words are a guide for developing Christ-like characteristics.

Turning Point Community Church Supports Youth in Lubbock, Texas

Led by Pastor John Wagner, Turning Point Community Church offers four programs for young people. Starting Point, a program that ministers to infants and pre-kindergarten age children, teaches God’s love through the compassionate example of the adults involved. Furthermore, Starting Point supports children in their physical and mental growth while introducing them to a Christ-centered environment.

The next level of ministry for young people in the church is Kids Point, which serves children between kindergarten and fourth grade. It provides engaging activities coupled with an age appropriate Bible-centered curriculum.

A program for fifth- and sixth-graders, Vertical meets on Sundays and also offers group study on Wednesday evenings. Young people who participate find a welcoming and relevant environment geared toward the unique spiritual needs of this age group.

United encourages seventh- through 12th-graders to develop closer relationships with Christ in a setting that is designed to meet the needs of teenagers.

For more information about these programs, connect with community service opportunities, and watch sermons by Turning Point Community Church Lead Pastor John Wagner, please visit and