Charity Water’s Approach to Funding Projects

As the lead pastor at Turning Point Community Church, Pastor John Wagner leads fellow churchgoers with a commitment to service. Under Pastor John Wagner’s direction, Turning Point funds humanitarian organizations such as Charity Water. One project the church supported provided a remote rural village in India with clean water.

Charity Water joins with community partners around the globe to identify geographical areas where clean water is desperately needed. Each potential partner organization is vetted to ensure that its organizational structure and financial stewardship meet Charity Water’s standards.

Before beginning an initiative, the organization carefully considers the scope of the project and its sustainability. It looks for established local stakeholders who are capable of collaborating to maintain and repair the water lines after the project is finished. The organization also encourages its partners to reach out to local government leaders in areas where it is funding projects, since relationships with these civic officials is critical to maintaining access to clean water over time.