How Covenant Ministries International Supports Churches and Ministers

Pastor John Wagner leads the congregation of Turning Point Community Church of Lubbock, Texas. Relying on his 28 years in ministry as well as his ability to write and deliver moving sermons, Pastor John Wagner also serves as the apostolic team leader of Covenant Ministries International.

Covenant Ministries International, or CMI, is a global organization of pastors, ministries, and church congregations that exists to support churches and their leaders as they preach the Gospel. CMI carries out this mission in a number of ways. CMI members assist and support one another directly and in person. At the organizational level, CMI brings people together in large gatherings as well as smaller, quieter meetings. Pastors and other church leaders also receive instructional materials from the organization. Additionally, CMI holds several conferences and seminars featuring guest speakers, as well as workshops where leaders can learn new ministerial skills.

The CMI website offers several tools that leaders can access from any device connected to the Internet. The organization also hosts webinars, and organization members and their churches are featured on the website so that others can learn more about them and help them meet their pastoral challenges.