Christian Discernment

With experience in Christian ministry dating back to the late 1980s, Pastor John Wagner serves his congregation at Turning Point Community Church and leads an apostolic team through Covenant Ministries International. Although he lives and works in Lubbock, Texas, Pastor John Wagner reaches people around the world through his written works online, in which he explores such Christian mysteries as discerning the direction God leads your life.

With faith and guidance, Christians seeking to know what God has to say to them will eventually come to realize that God stays in constant communication. The still, small voice of God serves as an ever-present source of guidance to those who turn their attention away from the din of the world.

Those who want to hear God’s voice must slow down and interpret signs. God speaks through various channels. Certainly, a person’s religious leader serves as one conduit for God’s voice. Additional means by which God speaks include spouses, songs, and nature.

Jesus instructed his followers to listen, take heed of what they hear, and follow God’s voice. To determine if the subtle voice one hears is of God, Christians can ascertain whether or not the guidance it offers agrees with the Bible’s teachings.