Using the Bible to Deal with Stress and Adversity

In times of stress and uncertainty, how can people find solace and comfort? Texas-based Pastor John Wagner provided some answers during a talk in 2010. “All of us face seasons in which we face some real spiritual opposition,” he said in reference to the personal and professional anxieties brought on by the financial recession. Such “seasons” often take a toll on our personal and mental well-being. In fact, sometimes it may feel as if our problems are insurmountable. 

However, Pastor John Wagner pointed to the universality of our experiences. “We all wrestle, we all struggle at different times,” he said. He then reminded people that our lives can transform and change, regardless of the type and the extent of adversity that we face.

Quoting the Bible from 2 Corinthians 4:12, “Death is at work in us, but life is in you,” he compared adversity to the death of self. When our ego dies, the life of Jesus within us takes preeminence. When the outward person perishes, the inward person is renewed. According to Pastor Wagner, all adversity is merely “light affliction” that is designed to make us stronger and better.