What are Apostolic Teams?

by Pastor John Wagner

As the name implies, apostolic teams refer to a collection of persons who perform as apostles. The word “apostle” simply means “sent one.” Inspired by the account of the Apostles in the New Testament, these groups often travel to regions that have not received the gospel or have been limited in their opportunities to receive teaching and preaching that can cause them to grow. With their duty established by the Bible, apostolic teams focus on Kingdom advancement.

The team concept is importance to these individuals because they recognize the power of numbers when finding and converting new disciples by explaining to them God’s word. Joining people of similar beliefs whom they respect also provides them with inner strength and confidence that better allows them to achieve their goals. Additionally, they view themselves as “servant-leaders” who operate under God. Some of the values shared by apostolic teams are maturity, giftedness, growth, guidance, and stewardship.

About the Author:

For more than a quarter century, Pastor John Wagner has served as a pastor and minister, and he currently acts as Lead Pastor with Turning Point Community Church in Lubbock, Texas. An Ordained Minister with Covenant Ministries International, he remains involved with the group and its 600 pastors across nearly 100 nations by serving as an Apostolic Team Leader.