Pastor John Wagner: Performing Acts of Kindness in Daily Life

For 25 years, Pastor John Wagner has served as a spiritual leader for numerous congregations; currently, he is the lead pastor of Turning Point Community Church. In conjunction with his spiritual teachings, Pastor Wagner performs and encourages acts of kindness in daily life.

Acts of kindness can take the form of simple gestures in one’s usual routine, such as holding a door open or paying for a neighboring car’s parking meter. Handwritten notes of thanks or appreciation can also brighten the day of anyone from store clerks to co-workers.

For larger gestures, one can get involved with volunteer groups or donate time and money to charity. Donations in one’s community, such as buying a stranger’s groceries while in line at the grocery store, also serve to surprise and spread the love of God.

Opportunities for acts of kindness are abundant; the more each individual undertakes in his or her daily life, the greater the chain reaction of generosity.