About Pastor John Wagner

With more than 25 years of experience in ministry, Pastor John Wagner currently leads Turning Point Community Church in Lubbock, Texas. He simultaneously teaches and ministers nationally and internationally through John J. Wagner Ministries, which he founded in 1991. As a community leader for more than 600 church members, he continuously casts vision, crafts relevant messages, develops vocational and volunteer leaders, and communicates creatively. Additionally, Pastor John Wagner trains and inspires other pastors and leaders through an active schedule of conference speaking.

In 1987, Faith Fellowship Ministries ordained Pastor John Wagner as a minister. For four years thereafter, he held a position as a Youth Pastor at Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center. Throughout his career as a pastor, he has led more than 6,000 church members from a wide range of ethnic, generational, and cultural backgrounds. His sermons discuss inspirational topics such as faith, hope, love, motivation, priorities, and family. Recent sermon titles include “Grace Revolution” and “BeLoved.”

Even aside from his dedicated ministry work, Pastor John Wagner has donated his time, finances, and efforts to both local and international communities. He led Turning Point Community Church’s contribution to Charitywater.org, which helped to build a well to supply clean water to a 250-person community. Additionally, John Wagner serves Covenant Ministries International as the Apostolic Team Leader and has just completed a trip to the Ukraine, where he helped train more than 1,100 pastors and leaders.

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