What Completes You?

Ever feel like you’re not enough? Not smart enough? Not thin enough? Not connected enough? and the list goes on endlessly.

We all do. At different times and different seasons, in different circumstances and for different reasons, we all fell ourselves weighed in the balance and lacking.

My dear friend, your completion, or justification, or righteousness, or sanctification – which can all be used synonymously in certain settings – are not dependent upon your achievements, accolades, or accomplishments. In short your completion is not about you.

It’s all about Jesus. It’s about His achievements, accolades, and accomplishments. It is about being made complete by what He completed at Calvary. Sorry Jerry McGuire – Jesus completes us. It is the “It is finished.” He fulfilled the law. He absorbed the curse. He freely grants us rightness with the Father. We are accepted, loved, blessed, favored, and set apart by His blood alone.

Jesus completes you.

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