Pastor John Wagner: Core Beliefs of the Turning Point Community Church

At Turning Point Community Church, Lead Pastor John Wagner preaches the Word of God to a visitors ranging from adolescents to married couples with families. The Church delivers powerful, Bible-based messages reinforced by the music of a live band. The pastoral staff conducts worship in a relevant, yet reverent style.

At Turning Point Community Church, members believe in the Holy Trinity, which comprises in equal measure the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Further, as a Christian house of worship, the Church holds Jesus Christ, conceived by the Holy Spirit, to be God’s only begotten Son. It also holds that Jesus was born to a sinless life by a virgin and that he performed the myriad miracles enumerated in the Bible. In the future, TPCC believes that Jesus will return personally to rule over all the Earth.

The Church bases its practices on the divinely inspired writings of the Old and New Testaments, which, as the Word of God, represent the infallible criteria for faithful practice.